Chilli Shop
Chilli Shop Fathers Day Hot Hamper!

Are you looking for a unique and memorable gift this Fathers Day (Sunday 18th June)?

The Chilli Shop has just the thing for those men that like things hot with their “Fathers Day A** Kickin Hamper”

The hamper contains:

- “Colon Cleaner” Sauce
- A** Kickin’ Popcorn
- Hot Cheddar Crisps
- “Who Dares Burns” Naga Nuts

This unique gift comes in a cellophane wrapped hamper tray and includes a “Heat rating chart” so the recipient can prepare themselves to “feel the burn”!

These “Hot Hampers” are available at the Chilli Shop on Merrion Street for just £12.00!

Alternatively you can build your own bespoke chilli hamper in store!

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