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50% Off All Services This September

In need of a fresh new trim? Ambassador Barbering will sort you out and are offering a fantastic HALF PRICE ON ALL SERVICES for all first time customers this September!

To receive your discount simply show this web page on your mobile and you could enjoy the following…


The hair is thoroughly washed and cleansed. Cut and shaped to your desired style, dried and set into place before the application of your preferred product.

All finished with a refreshing hot towel neck and outline shave to maintain a cleaner cut for much longer.

(35 minute service)


Firstly the beard will be trimmed down to the desired length and angular shape. Clean edges shall be lined into the cheeks, neckline, around the mouth and sideburns. Shave oil and creams shall be massaged into the skin and hot towels applied before the razor removes unwanted hair. Finished with a cool towel and moisturiser to close the pores and revitalise the skin.
(20 minute service)


Thoroughly washed and cleansed. Clipper grades applied to desired length all over.

The edges around the ears and neck shall be sharp, natural lines that will be slightly tapered ensuring longevity of the style. Finished with a refreshing hot towel neckline and outline shave.
(15 minute service)


A novelty for some and a weekly ritual for others… shave oils are firstly massaged thoroughly into the bristles of hair and skin. Secondly, shave creams are worked in, and finally comes the truly relaxing part as hot towels are applied. Scented shave cream is added to aid the razor blade remove hair smoothly and comfortably. This whole process is then repeated to guarantee the closest of shaves. Finished with cool towels, moisturiser, and if you don’t mind that after shave sting, some cologne.
(25 minute service)

Please note – by appointment only:
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