Exotic Animals at the Merrion Centre

Morley Exotic Animal Rescue are once again bringing a variety of their exotic animals to the Merrion Centre to meet visitors on our main mall.

Historically, we have welcomed the likes of Monkey’s, Skunks, Meerkat’s, Giant Snakes, Lizards and Tarantulas* to the centre, which is a great hands on way for children to learn about these unique animals.

There is no charge to visit the centre or see the animals, although staff and volunteers from Morley Exotic Animal Rescue will be collecting donations to support the sanctuary on the day.

The animals are available for people to cuddle and pet, however Morley Exotic Animals do closely monitor them throughout the day to ensure the strict well being and safety requirements are met. The above animals mentioned are for examples only, and the actual animals on the day maybe subject to change.

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