Shopmobility - Case Studies

What our customers have to say

Enabling Greater Independence

With a fantastic range of mobility products and daily living aids, the William Merritt Centre Shopmobility store at the Merrion Centre is your one stop to independent living.

Here we meet a few of the customers that regularly use the life enhancing service.

Helen’s Story:

Helen began using the Shopmobility service 2 years ago when she develop arthritis and started to find it difficult walking around Leeds City Centre.

The Scooter hire service enables Helen to remain independent and allows her to shop, meet up with friends and visit the opticians in comfort with her Husband.

What Shopmobility means to Lynne:

“The Shopmobility service enables me to keep my independence and mobility as I have arthritis in legs. It allows me to go to all of the places I would usually not be able to get to. This service is my life line”

Lynne’s Story:

Lynne has been hiring scooters from the Leeds City Centre Shopmobility for over 8 years.

She started using the service when she developed a health condition that affected her mobility.

Lynne hires a scooter 3 times a week so she can venture all over Leeds City Centre including the Merrion Centre, Kirkgate Market and the Trinity Centre. She also takes advantage of the William Merritt Centre long term hire service so she can remain independent when on holiday at the coast.

The William Merritt Centre Shopmobility service keeps Lynne independently mobile and gives her the opportunity to contribute to the local economy.

What Shopmobility means to Lynne:

“Shopmobility means I can get about and go about my daily life with no issues. When there was no Shopmoblity service it was really bad and I struggled to go into town and do my shopping.

Without the Shopmobility service I wouldn’t have a lot of independence at all”

Guy’s Story:

Guy has been using the Shopmobility service in Leeds City Centre 2 times a week for over for 10 years.

He was once a grounds keeper at a local school but when he developed osteoarthritis in his knees he had to retire early as he had difficulty walking with his condition.

He began volunteering at the Yorkshire coast guard service in Scarborough and regularly visits Leeds city centre from Meanwood with great thanks to the Accessbus which gives Guy access to the local shop and the Merrion centre where he does all his shopping.

The William Merritt Centre – Shopmobility scooter hire service within the Merion Centre gives Guy his independence and enables him to visit his favourite shops and meet his friends at a local café. This enables Guy to fulfil his social interaction and contribute to the local economy.

What Shopmobility means to Guy:

“William Merritt Centre Shopmobility gives me independence and freedom to roam and visit many shops around the centre of Leeds.

The service greatly helps with my day to day life and it’s incredibly hard to see how I would be able to go about my daily life without it.”

Guy was asked what it was like when there was no William Merritt Centre – Shopmobility service:

“Very difficult. Due to my disability I was unable to go to local shops and I was stuck in, trapped at home.”

Guy is a valued volunteer at Shopmobility and he hopes the service will be used by many more individuals to encourage independence and make Leeds even more accessible.

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